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BNGRM.tv aka BANGROOM Television

host a secret speakeasy-style party that’s all about exclusivity, mystery, and excitement.

방, “room” in Korean.

A space where you can let go of your worries and immerse yourself in the present moment. It’s about the thrill of the unknown.

We made it for DJs, BRANDS and to give our guests the best music experience.

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.12 Pillola

Pillola, a natural born rapper, initially made waves with his unique style and lyrical prowess. However, as he grew and evolved as an artist, he found himself drawn to the captivating world of electronic music.

Experimenting with a multitude of styles, Pillola’s sound became a fusion of influences from indie, electronic, dark disco, and classic house.

.11 Wiko

Wiko‘s musical journey began in 1997 with a five-stringed guitar. He transitioned from Metal to Electronic Music after years of experience. He opened for Snoop Dogg and shared the stage with incredible artists.

Experience an intimate performance featuring Wiko’s latest influences and timeless tracks from progressive house and techno.

.10 LÄ-Vehc

LÄ-Vehc is a passionate explorer of tracks and a skilled wine maker, who sees electronic music as the perfect medium to convey energy and ideas.

As he embarks on his journeys, he encounters a wide range of musical genres from various corners of the globe, and his sound reflects his embrace of diversity and his constant quest for uniqueness.

.09 Piker

Piker delved into the realm of electronic music at a young age, and his unwavering passion propelled him to perform at top music venues across Europe (93feeteastEgg London, Ministry of Sound Club, Elrow festival)

Piker’s music blends elements of house and techno, exploring subgenres like deep tech and minimal house.

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